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Each volume of conversation guides contains seven to twelve individual guided conversations that can be adapted to help people help themselves and others turn toward God and His ways for their families. Each individual conversation approaches a single topic with enough guidance to facilitate a conversation while leaving ample opportunity for spontaneous exploration.


As the name implies, conversation guides are uniquely created to facilitate conversation where people can explore and discover God's ways. Conversation guides are not designed to be used as lessons or lectures.  They are designed to facilitate inquisitive thought and self-initiated, heart level transformation. Conversations include many exploratory question and many of them include written exercises that help people think about their personal convictions. Conversation guides have been in use since 2004 by individual men and women, couples, families, small groups, ministries and churches. They are reasonably priced so that anyone can afford them.

Once you have used these guides you will be able to adapt and use these conversations over and over again to help yourself, your family and others turn toward God and His ways for family.  These guides are very effective in facilitating a refreshing conversational style of relational discipleship where people can experience the role modeling, mentoring, support they need when turning toward God and His ways for families.


learning more together

Relational discipleship platforms are created when helping groups of people experiencing a similar need scan benefit by turning toward god and His ways for their families.  Two examples.


Since 2006, these resources have been used by pregnancy resource centers to help people experience pregnancy in the context of family God's way.


Beginning in 2008, these resources have been used to help groups of ex-incarcerated felons re-engage in their Biblical roles in their homes, churches and communities.


We help other people, ministries and churches launch relational discipleship platforms. Outcomes include:

  • Reaching root causes of troubling problems like father absence, threats to pre-born lives and chronic recidivism

  • Delivery of role modeling, mentoring, support

  • Transformational engagement of the Body of Christ.



excellence | replication | results

Since 1993, God has allowed Stuart Carver to consult with more than three hundred churches, ministries, foundations and business.  The focus of Ministry Modeling consulting is the development of:

  • Excellent ministry models that reflect the ways and means of God

  • Replicable ministry models that engage the Body of Christ

  • Measurable ministry models that reach root causes.


The ministry Modeling experience requires a carefully selected ministry modeling team of three to nine people.


Ministry Modeling takes time and costs money.  How much time and money will depend on the scale and complexity of the model.   Stuart's consulting fee is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.   If for any reason, a client is not 100% satisfied with their Ministry Modeling experience, all fees paid to Stuart for his consulting will be refunded.


Ministry Modeling requires work and creates new kinds of work.  Typically Stuart meets weekly with ministry modeling teams until the model is substantially developed. Ministry Modeling is designed to conclude with a pilot project that deploys the new model.  After the pilot project is completed, outcomes are evaluated, adaptations are made and the final ministry model is drafted.


Stuart also provides leadership development, board development and on-demand consulting.

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