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Birth of a Family


This website is more than informative. It contains a huge advantage. A package of Birth of a Family digital templates.


These templates correspond to Birth of a Family, the book.  In this book, the recipe for creating new Birth of a Family communities is explained in detail. Templates in this package will:

  • Give you a substantial head start in creating your own Birth of a Family resources

  • Save you an enormous amount of time and work

  • Provide you with a cohesive, logical plan 

  • Promote harmonious integration of all seven ingredients of the Birth of a Family recipe.


Templates are compatible with Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote and Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Download the template package and save it to your digital devices. Then, follow prompts as you work through the Birth of a Family recipe.

What's Included?

Site Survey

Use this resource to collect important data about your organization or group to help quantify situational and operational characteristics.

Demographic Survey

Birth of a Family is designed to be culturally attentive. Demographic Surveys help you develop deeper awareness of the people who may be involved.

Workshop Evaluation

Your Evaluation Survey will validate your efforts, prove their effectiveness, encourage your team, and acknowledge God’s graceful redemption.

Participation Template

This is a tool used to track information about your participants including name, contact information, and attendance. 

Progress Survey

This survey is given to participants at different points throughout your activities to help track their progress.

Need Survey

Needs surveys can be helpful in validating and quantifying the needs of your community while also discovering locally germane needs that might otherwise be overlooked.

Plan Template

Use this template to identify problems, outcomes and key people, places and things as you plan your Birth of a Family activities.

Team Build Template

A tool that helps to identify the people that fulfill specific roles in your Birth of a Family community.

Start Survey

This is given to participants at the beginning of your relational discipleship activities to help track their progress.

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