“If they can change generationally now, that could change four, five, six, seven generations. That changes it back to the way it was when people thought family was important, that people should look to God for their guidance, and that the church community supports those who need support, rather than the social agencies. I can just see that it changes everything.”

Barb Hernandez, Birth of a Family Coordinator in Michigan

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"12 Week Program Inspires Positive Change in Michigan"

Charles White,

Pastor - First Baptist Church of Lutz (FL)

Stuart and his wife Vickie have been involved in ministry as long as I have known them. They have worked extensively with families. Stuart has served in a variety of leadership roles in the church I have pastored now for over twenty-five years.


Brandy Aschliman,

Executive Director - Helping Hands PRC (IN)

Since meeting Stuart and Vickie, I’ve had the opportunity to become close friends with them. Their lives are a testament of the principles upon which Birth of a Family is based.  I highly recommend Birth of a Family to any pregnancy resource center, at any stage in the growth process, as a way to truly serve those we’ve been entrusted with. 


Sol Pitchon,

Vice President of Church & Community Partnerships - New Life Solutions (FL)

Merging and family ministry is a perfect fit. Through God’s Word, mentoring and support, people are choosing life for children and healthy families for the future.


“[Birth of a Family] made me evaluate what my beliefs are and what they should be, my parenting style with my child and how I communicate with my kids and people in my life.”


“[Birth of a family] has changed my view of what healthy marriages/relationships look like and are supposed to be like. The couples that are in here show me that what I want in my future is possible.”


I support Family God's Way because I believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the organization - the Biblical family unit as designed by God is the greatest platform and opportunity for children and parents to grow and engage with the world. Family God's Way addresses the root cause of many societal ills that we face today in the world. Very few organizations seek to examine the root cause of issues we face today - homelessness, drug abuse, fatherlessness, crime, poverty, etc. By working to establish strong Biblical households, we can prevent these issues from taking root and allow children to grow up in an environment that is conducive to their overall health and well-being. We also have opportunities to show the love of Christ to those who find themselves dealing with troubled situations with seemingly nowhere to turn. I am proud to represent Family God's Way.